Juno Kim

Juno Kim 

Non-Volatile Systems Laboratory
Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, San Diego
9450 Gilman Drive #0404
La Jolla, CA 92093-0404


Office: EBU3B 3252
Email: juno@eng.ucsd.edu

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I am a 4th-year PhD student at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). My research interest lies in building fast and reliable data storage/processing systems by leveraging a spectrum of different memory/storage technologies including persistent memory. My advisor is Prof. Steven Swanson.

Before joining UCSD, I worked with Prof. Mahesh Balakrishnan on distributed systems at Yale University.

Before starting my graduate study, I worked as software engineer at SAP Labs Korea on building the scalable and distributed in-memory database engine, SAP HANA.

I received my bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University, Korea.



SubZero: Zero-copy IO for Persistent Main Memory File Systems

Finding and Fixing Performance Pathologies in Persistent Memory Software Stacks